Maeghen Carter
Public Relations Specialist
From interviewing clients for content strategy, writing social media posts, assisting in media relations to fielding day-to-day phone calls, Maeghen does it all. Including acting as associate editor of The Arkansas 100.

She spends her days finding fascinating information about Arkansas and bringing it to light in each issue. Maeghen develops The Arkansas 100 editorial calendar, produces online multimedia components, coordinates social media and promotional strategy. Additionally, she serves as producer of The Arkansas 100 Podcast handling interview research and prep, audio editing and everything in between.

Before starting full-time, Maeghen successfully completed two internships with the firm learning the ins and outs of agency life. During both those internships, she was completing her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Harding University and graduated in May 2016.

In the Little Rock community, Maeghen is involved in Emerging Leaders, a young professionals group of The Centers for Youth and Families, and has served on the EVOLVE committee as PR chair. She is also a member of Create Little Rock.

At Harding, Maeghen was heavily involved in Student Publications where she served as editor-in-chief of the Petit Jean Yearbook in which she led a 17-person staff in a year-long process of creating and publishing a 340-page yearbook.

The unique spelling of Maeghen’s name has no special significance. Her mom will tell you she was bored in church and doodled different spellings until she found one she liked.

Maeghen actively keeps up with the Kardashians. She knows everything from Kris to Kanye West.

She could easily survive on a diet solely composed of different ZAZA’s pizza.

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