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Engaging Influencers and Consumers with the World's Largest Rubber Band Manufacturer

Did you know the world’s largest rubber band manufacturer is headquartered in Hot Springs, Ark.? Alliance Rubber is a U.S.-based manufacturer that is woman-owned and led and has been owned by the same family for 90+ years. More than 150 local workers in Hot Springs produce 2,200 skus of products sold to dealers in 34 countries. Pretty amazing story that we are honored to get to share via social media and the company’s own blog, Bandology, which we produce.
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We have built Alliance Rubber’s social media presence via tried-and-true platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, while growing newer portals such as Instagram and Pinterest. The Bandology blog helps customers – consumer users and distributors/retailers – understand all the many uses of a rubber band and how Alliance is continually innovating new and useful rubber-based products.

Over the years we’ve help create successful relationships and campaigns with influencers who have helped Alliance better connect to the consumers who are most frequently purchasing their products and using them in a variety of ways. We’ve sponsored women blogger conferences, hired brand ambassadors, hosted bloggers for demonstration events (did you know the width of your rubber band can make a big difference in your tie-dye masterpiece?) and promoted consumer contests with organization bloggers.

And what have all these social strategies done for Alliance? Everything from increased sales (The Container Store picked up several new lines after watching videos posted to the blog and social portals) to media coverage (Alliance was featured in The Wall Street Journal after a social video strategy was launched) to engaged consumers (Bandology has garnered some fantastic comments from consumers who have told us their own creative rubber band ideas).

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